Engineering Design Services

At Focaloid, we believe in perfection, strive to be precise and ensure to provide our clients with innovative business solutions that not only meet requirements but meet global standards as well. Our engineering champs team up for you in order to help you at every stage of the project like ideation, brainstorming, concept creation, technical drawing, prototyping, analyzing, building etc. Our engineering design team can transform your business ideas into successful products

Design skill is not just simply about the physical design of a product, but also it must focus on the overall problem assessment and problem optimization.

Mechanical CAD Drafting
  • CAD legacy conversion –Converting Paper drawings into digital drawings
  • Dual Dimensioning –Converting Inches to mm and vice versa for manufacturing
  • 2D to 3D CAD Conversion –Converting 2D paper drawings/CAD Drawings to 3D Models
Engineering Support
  • Onsite/Offsite Support
  • Create an extension of a product
  • Generate solution for a Engineering problem in a product
  • Subsystem Design/Development
  • Generate/Update all necessary drawings/documents
  • Prototype testing & Delivery
  • Support R&D Team with Engineering skills
Reverse Engineering
  • Retrieve all dimensions of the product Onsite/Offsite
  • Develop necessary improvements such as
  • Part Standardization
  • Process Standardization
  • Create Bill Of Materials(BOM)
  • Purchase Bill of Materials
  • Manufacturing Bill of Materials
  • Create all necessary drawings required for manufacturing
  • Single point of contact till project completion
Enclosure Design
  • Work with the Electrical/Electronics team to create a layout of enclosure
  • Develop and Prototype block design for testing
  • Create ID based on the block design
  • Prototype ID for understanding the ergonomic and aesthetic behavior of the product
  • Fabricate final proto for delivery and testing
  • Release design for manufacturing
Electro – Mechanical Product Design / Mechanical Systems Design
  • Study of Problem Statement at problem domain
  • Suggest appropriate solution to the problem
  • Develop modular PoC for solution approval
  • Develop Phase 1 proto for field testing
  • Design optimization to meet necessary compliance
  • Develop Phase 2,3 proto if necessary
  • Fabricate final proto with all corrections after inputs from problem domain
  • Release the product for manufacturing

Leave it to us. We’ll take care of it.

'Believe, innovate and refine' is one of the core principles of engineering design at Focaloid. We undertake well defined standard operating procedures (SOP) and exercise stringent quality measures to ensure the quality, consistency and timely delivery of mechanical design projects, promptly and efficiently.

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