“One App, One Tapp” Reward Your Loyalty Using Loyalie

Rewards, in cash or kind, is always welcomed. There is hardly anyone of us who does not like being rewarded especially for our loyalty. This app enable users to avail the best Loyalie rewards under different categories and simultaneously help vendors to attractively present their Loyalie programs. Loyalie help users to add and manage their loyalty cards and based on successful stamped visits users can claim exciting rewards via their smartphone.


  • Loyalie Cards: enables users to view the Loyalie programs listed by different vendors.
  • Loyalty Programs: users can view the list of Loyalie Programs and select particular programs they would like to know more about and apply for the best ones.
  • Add a Card: facilitates users to add details of all their existing physical Loyalty cards into the app.
  • My Cards: help users to view the Loyalie and Loyalty cards in their account. Loyalie cards include all the stamp cards of the users and Loyalty cards section include details of all the cards manually added by the users.
  • Stamps: displays the list of visit circles and reward circles. Reward circle is awarded after a user completes a pre­fixed number of visit circles.
  • Sales: enables users to view the sales running at different vendors. Users can view details like Sales Image,vendor Name,Merchant Logo,Sales Caption and Sales Description.
  • Push Notifications : indicates users details of their Loyalie rewards as and when it is awarded.
Category Mobile