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With growing health challenges in the world is growing the number of health centres.Similarly, more critical the health condition equally critical becomes the choice of the right medical centre. To simplify your decision making and experience the right medical care for all your different medical conditions, login to the MEDSQUARE APP via your facebook username and password.


  • Search and Find – enables users to spot the exact location of various specialised hospitals nearby.
  • Ratings and Reviews – helps users to understand the public ratings and the reviews of people having experienced the selected hospital service. Users can even call or chat with the people who posted the review and learn in-detail the facts before jumping into a conclusion/decision.
  • Facilities View – provides users all required informations about the services and facilities provided by various hospitals. This specially designed application has in its backend, terminals which are handled by hospital staff, enables each and every hospital to easily enter their service details, waiting time for each department etc.
  • Chat and Invite – helps users to chat with their facebook friends and even invite them to join Medsquare group.
  • My appointments – enables users to view their appointment details.
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