“Stop Studying. Start Learning” Quiz To Learn Are You A True Nerd Or A Duplicate One ?

Who was the first person to walk on the moon? Seeing walk and moon together in one sentence all of us around the world without a second thought say Neil Armstrong, right? Indeed we are right with the answer but as children we could never be so sure and right about our other subject questions and used to loose mark on silly topics. Children tend to miss the main points in the midst of scientifically crowded and elaborated long sentences. QuizGun App enable students to better understand and learn their class­specific subjects by answering quiz questions at the end of every topic. Quiz questions helps students to better understand and recollect the subject topics learned by them.


  • Profile: displays student details like student name, school name, board, city, image, etc.
  • Subscriptions: enables users to subscribe to more quiz questions. Users can select their class and under subscriptions all the related subjects with the additional number of
    questions and the subscription charge corresponding to each subject will be clearly listed.
  • Quiz: enables users to participate in quiz and better learn their class­specific subject topics.
  • Answers: enables users to evaluate their topic knowledge immediately after they attempt each quiz question. The right answer to every single question is provided
    immediately after the user selects his/her answer from the given options.
  • Revision: enables users to save the questions they would like to revise and later during revision brush through the topics by answering those marked questions.
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