App that Accepts YOU and YOUR RAGA

Dear Radio stations, you do realize there are more than just five Carnatic and Bhakti songs in the world right? Well radio stations realize it or not, the RADIOWEB App does realize the quantum of good Carnatic and Bhakti tracks you can tune in to. The app offers wide range of songs in two selected categories i.e. Carnatic and Bhakti, so that you can exclusively listen to your favorite category tracks when it’s ON-AIR.


  • User Type – this option offers three user types to select from namely Guest User, Free trial and Subscriber. Guest user enables you to browse all the contents and listen to first 3 clips. Free trial user can browse all the contents and listen to all audio records. After the trial period is over, status automatically changes to Guest user. Subscriber can browse all the contents and listen to all audio records.
  • Main Categories – Carnatic and Bhakti.
  • Audio Records Categories – based on Daily radio show, albums, artistes, archives, composers, ragas, deities, gurus. Back to back songs will be played for each program/albums.
  • Selection Option – in this app is wide. Users can select both Carnatic and Bhakti songs based on albums/programs and Artist/Guru/Deity. Carnatic music can also be enjoyed based on list of ragas and list of composers.
  • List of archives – showcase a list of old programs. Each archive displays Title, Sub Title, Program category, Duration and Cover image.
  • Click and Share- use a library which will share the music with a predefined message, on other installed apps like whatsapp, e-mail etc., supported by the library.
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