Trisepta is the personal official website of Tris, an Aerospace Engineer pursuing his management studies as well as following the beats of his heart as a rap artist simultaneously. The exclusiveness of the focus of this site is taken care of from the home page to the following sections. Also volumes of musical simplicity and scientific complexity associated with Tris and his career is mixed well in the design of this website.


  • Home – showcases the recent news on Tris and his music. It even displays various exclusive rap videos uploaded by Tris. Links to his social network sites, instagram pictures and iTunes popularity is also included.
  • About – provides a short and simple account of the personal and educational background of Tris.
  • News – gives the detailed news videos or paper clippings related to Tris, his shows and his musical career, etc.
  • Upcoming – displays the details of upcoming events of Tris.
  • Pictures and Videos – helps to link better with this rap artist and view his crazy pictures and enjoy amazing videos.
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