Make your PASSION your CAREER and not vice-versa

All of us wish to be guided towards a career that accommodates our personality, interests, skills and economic needs perfectly well. Well – Don’t wish for it, instead work for it. Understanding this, VOLV APP is designed to help student-users to plan and sort out ten constructive tasks than fifty random tasks towards creating a career. On the go one-to-one chat with education counselors helps users to effectively work towards creating a career reflecting their own passion and self.


  • User Profile – manages the user personal details and academic information.
  • Task List – enables users to view tasks assigned to them by their education counsellor as well as ones personally assigned by them.
  • Colleges List – gives the user a list of all prospective colleges they can apply. The updates regarding admissions, courses available etc, about the college selected by the user from the list will be notified on time. This helps users to filter based on need, the college information flowing towards them and pin down relevant options for decision-making.
  • Counselor Chat – enables users to get timely guidance from the counselor of their choice. The option to chat with the counselor helps student-users to post doubts and queries related to various courses and get clarified immediately.
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