xPress Laundry

Forget those specific laundry details? Not anymore. Tap the app and fill the gap.

City is going METRO – fast lane. what about your business? Are you chasing the change or pacing ahead of it? Pause and think. Incase you are among the ones pacing and not chasing, we introduce to you the LAUNDRO APP. This launderer friendly app chat and buy sales when you rub and dry clothes.


  • Cost Structure Display – facilitates user to enter, edit and delete pricelists to be viewed by their end-customers.
  • Order Search – enables users to search laundry orders based on customers. The user can even edit and change customer order status and thereby the end-customers can track the progress in the process.
  • Bill Management – helps in creating bills when the order status changes to “delivered”. The bill amount and bill date entered by the user will be safely recorded in the system and can be viewed whenever desired- at home or while travelling.
  • Coupons Management – facilitates advanced credit management by the user. The credit structure is calculated based on the total amount paid by the customer for a specified period and balance to be paid will be made available to be viewed by the user and the end-customer in the coupon page.
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